A Holiday Gift Guide

god the father Black Friday holiday gift guide

Christianity encourages us to embrace a lifestyle of generosity. Giving is a tradition that has been practiced among Christians for centuries. Every holiday among the Christians is built on the foundation of giving.  

Are you a Christian, finding it tough to choose a Christian gift during holidays? You are at the right place. Many Christians worldwide underestimate the power of Christian clothing. Christian clothing is a powerful tool for evangelism. If you cannot help spread the word of God by speaking to crowds, then use a simple verse on a Christian Hoodie, and a Christian t-shirt to equally win a soul into God’s kingdom. 

During this holiday try on Christian apparel to spread God’s word, and spread hope to the hopeless through messages of love, hope, and forgiveness by gifting someone Christian clothing.

Here we will share our pick for the top holiday gift you should consider at God the Father apparel for your fellow brethren or even non-believers during this holiday.

 On my sleeve

On my sleeve, Christian Hoodie is the real deal if you want to spread the word of God during this winter. No one can ever have enough hoodies for the winter. It is 100% cotton giving you warmth under its soft feel.

The kangaroo pockets at its waist will protect their hands in the cold. The drawstring at the hood will provide the perfect cover for the head.

Moreover, the printed logo on the front and sleeve will give your friend a legend feel as they walk around. Last but not least, they will love the message on it.

Bleached tie die

 Stock up Bleached tie dies Christian t-shirts for your loved ones this holiday.  If you or your friend has any allergies, this t-shirt is for you. It is made with 100 % combed and ring-spun cotton.

Moreover, you will fall in love with the message shared on this brand. The God the Father Logo gives a legendary courage to walk around sharing uplifting conversations with God’s people.

You will love the cold air cooling your body while wearing this Christian t-shirt in the summer. It is very breathable.


This hat is a perfect gift for all.  If you need anyone to add a casual feel during this holiday this hat is the perfect choice. It has an adjustable metal clip, making it one size fits all.

The material and embroidery on this hat is excellent. You will definitely like it.  The God the Father logo will attract admirer’s attention to Christ. Recruit a productive member in God’s kingdom this holiday, by merely gifting a hat.


The Burning Bushy “Vintage" simple design is a node to Exodus message that when God call us to service, we should answer. 

It is a perfect gift for the newest Christian in your life. They will be wrapped in the obedience of Moses. Thanks to this design.

It is perfect and comfortable. It can be worn in the summer.


Tie Dye Hoodie is perhaps the best Christian Hoodie you will find. It’s made with 100 % ring-spun cotton to get you superior warmth and comfort.

The scriptures on the Tie Dye Hoodie are inspiring. You will touch a soul. Surprise someone today.


The Warped Mask is a perfect gift this holiday to protect your loved ones against COVID-19.

This mask is comfortable on the face. People can easily breathe through.

It’s is lightweight. You will not feel its weight on the ears, making perfect gift for the elderly, and children. 


 Choose Prayer Christian t-shirt will be a perfect gift to inspire your friends or anyone who is undergoing difficult times during this holiday. Share your care with this t-shirt.

These simple words remind them that prayer is powerful, and they should embrace praying no matter what.


Blessed Christian t-shirt reminds us of how much we are blessed to have Jesus Christ in our lives.

Besides, it would be a perfect step out gift for believers who have struggled for long to show the world that they are a believer and no longer fear about it.


Steadfast Christian Hoodie would be a perfect gift for anyone in your life who is firm and determined in Christianity.

If you have any proud man or woman of God, this is the gift for them this holiday. It is a nod to 1st Corinthians 15:58 that all Christians should have a stand firm in God.


Smile Christian t-shirt is a sweet gift for anyone. It is perfect wear for summer. You can use it to remind someone to smile; all is well since God is in control of all situations.


Beanie is a good cover for anyone’s head this holiday. It is a good conversation starter gift. The God the Father logo gives it a premium feel.  


There is joy in giving.  It would be best if you commit to give someone something this holiday. It doesn’t matter how small or big the gift will be, just give. To help spread the word of God, we would recommend you try giving gifts from God the Father collection. You won’t regret it. Each of these gifts is worth of every dime.

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