Do you know that God has favorites? Yes! He does. We all are saved and blood-washed, but has it ever occurred to you that when it comes to God, He doesn't relate with us the same way? This is no contradiction; this is pure truth. 

At the end of the day, we are the ones that determine how and where God places us. Am I now contradicting God’s word that's a there’s no respect of persons with God? Far from it. However, the truth is that there are certain things you can do to make God love you like crazy.  God said of David; “I have found me a man after my heart.” The question is; what stood this guy out? How come God loved him so much that He could destroy an entire nation for David? What lessons can we learn from David’s life? Let’s go on this adventure of discoveries as we learn eye-opening lessons from one of God’s favorites of all times.


Lesson #1: David loved God with His All 

David loved God passionately. His love for God was out of this world. Many believers have come and gone after him from one generation to the next, but very few have been able to match his level of love for God. Friends, this is where it all begins. Until we can love God without reservations or expecting anything in return, we just may not be ready to be God’s favorite just yet. 

God loved us first even while we were still in our sins, so, loving Him right back is nothing other than an act of reciprocation for His undiluted love towards us.


Lesson #2 David Didn’t Seek God for “Things” 

In building this love and intimacy, David was after God’s heart, not what he can get from Him. He was searching for God’s face, not His hands. He wanted a relationship with his Lover, not benefits. All David wanted was to please God. He wanted God and nothing else, and because God saw his heart that there were no ulterior motives or “strings” attached, God gave him everything, even what he did not ask for.

Do you love for God for who He is or for what you can get from Him? When you lift your hands in worship of Him, do you do it for other reasons? Man may not see your heart, but before God, everything is laid bare. People use God. They run to Him when they need His blessings and forget Him when it’s all rosy. Don’t join the bandwagon of God users. Only lovers have a portion with God.

At God the father Apparel, we understand this truth and this is why we exist. We desire to always be at the center of God’s every heartbeat, contributing our quarter to seeing His will done on earth as it is in heaven. 

You and I count our wealth in Dollars but God counts His in souls. He is interested in every soul. He doesn’t want any to be lost and so at God the father Apparel, we want to ensure we partner with Him to see souls drawn into the Christian faith. This is why our brand produces items of clothing that are inscribed with God’s words to help you win souls and point people to Jesus.


Lesson #3 David had A Heart for God’s Kingdom

Another lesson I learnt from David’s life was that he practically carried God’s Kingdom on his head. He was too committed, too passionate about God and His Kingdom. He wasn't fake about his love for God. It was something that stemmed from deep down his heart. For the Kingdom and God, David could lay down his life. For God, David would do anything, that was how passionate he was for God.

He went to check on his brother’s welfare and bring them food and other supplies at the battlefront when he heard Goliath mocking God and the army of Israel. At that instant, something broke loose in him. His love for God wouldn’t let him turn deaf ears to Goliath’s threats. He ended up fighting and defeating Goliath driven by one thing only - his love for God and His kingdom, not for show, self-pride or fame, just pure love for God and His Kingdom.


Today more than ever before, God is still on a hunt for lovers, people who are not chasing after Him because of what they expect to get, people who love what He loves and hates what He hates, people who can do anything or pay any price to see a harvest of souls into the kingdom. Will God find you? Can you pay the price for loving Him? The truth is when you love God and have a heart for His Kingdom, you’ll go to any lengths for God. God loves souls, He doesn’t want any sinner to perish. One of the ways to be His favorite is to also be passionate about soul winning. Contact us today to help you get started with soul winning through our scripture inscribed clothing.

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