How Christians Can Spread God's Name Without Speaking

How Christians Can Spread God's Name Without Speaking


 Christian Clothing spread the word of god

How many of you have felt uncomfortable trying to share the Gospel of Christ with people?

I have plenty of times.

But is there a way to share your faith with people without actively engaged in talking?

Sure, there are!

The Bible is replete with so many of them. Here’s four ways to help Spread God's Name and His Message Without Opening Your Mouth.

1. Through Christian clothing

Did you ever read in your Bible when God told the Children of Israel to write His word in their hands and to tie it as headbands and to write them on the door frames of their houses and on their gates? (Deut. 11:18-20)

God was simply telling them to wear the Word on their body. 

Wear it in your hands, wear it on your head as face cap and wear it on your shirts and t-shirts, write it on your house roof, doors and gates where people can see it.

God is all wise, He knows a time is coming when there will be so much restrictions and control as to the testimony of Jesus, but He has also devised a way to tell the gospel through Christian Clothing.

Thank God today that Christian line clothing abounds everywhere today, so that you do not have any excuse to not share your faith publicly because you fear opposition.

At least there are no laws that define what one wears and how you wear them.

So you have got to take advantage of a Christian brand with a focus to publicly sharing your faith.


2. The Way You Act 

I once read a book by Tim Lahaye, “Why You Act the Way You Act.” 

Although that book is entirely focused on temperament yet it is important to know that the way you act cannot be truly defined by your temperaments, but much more can be informed by the word of God.

Scripture speaks to Christians to act certain ways.

The Apostle Paul puts it more succinctly when he declared that Christians are on display for both humans and angels to see. It is that important. (See 1 Cor. 4:9)

And I think you look better on display with Christian clothing.   

Actions are all encompassing; it expresses you inside and outside.

People are looking at you, they look at the way you dress, they look at the way you move, they look at the way you walk. In short, you are the Gospel they read today.

And what better way to be on display than with God The Father Apparel!

Wear the Gospel on your body and let the world read you.

What’s more, you can wear the Gospel when you put on any of our Christian brand from the very best of Christian clothing line we have in stock for you.

Hey, don’t miss out on this creative way of sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

What your mouth cannot say, your actions will say and your clothing will say much louder.


3. How You Speak

Does anything speak louder than words? 

Action, they say, speaks louder than voices.

Yes, while what you actively say is very important in the spreading of the Gospel, yet there are ways to talk without actually talking.

Did you ever walk past a billboard advertising a brand? 

Was the billboard speaking to you or not? 

Yes it was.

But did you ever audibly hear the billboard speaking and explaining the product to you?


But you heard the billboard in your heart. 

You heard it speak to you when you saw the image and the words that conveyed the message on the billboard.

This is true of you as a Christian too.

The way you speak is important in spreading the gospel.

But you do not have to be audible to speak.

God The Father apparel can speak for you.  

You can yell much louder with Christian clothing than you would ordinarily with your voice.

All you need do is to wear it and just like the billboard advertising a product without talking, you too will be advertising the Christ inaudibly.

I trust you got that.

And to make it simple, we have Christian Clothing options like Christian t-shirts, christian hoodies that you can choose from and that way you are sure to be spreading the Gospel without having to open your mouth.


4. How You carry Yourself (Phil 1:27)

Have you ever heard someone tell the story of how he or she fell in love with another all just because of the way the other person carried himself.

I remember Michelle Obama talk about how she loves to watch Obama walk. 

There was something in the natural about his walk that his wife is just thrilled by it all the time.

That is something that naturally occurs, but do you think that is also evident when it comes to sharing your faith?

There was an aura about Jesus’ walk that the Scriptures say that the disciples were afraid when they observed it. (Mk. 10:32) 

The way you walk and the way you carry yourself can help you witness Christ without necessarily having to actively talk.

But what if I tell you that your dressing enhances the way you walk!


Watch a person with purpose, prospects and passion in the heart and you will quickly realize that they dress to express who they are and what they are carrying.

Nothing increases your strides and steps like good and inspiring dressing and of course a goal at heart.

The Christian is on a mission, he has a goal.

His number one goal is to tell everyone around him about Christ. And there’s no better and honourable mission than this.

So, you should be proud of the Gospel (Rom. 1:16). 

You are person on a mission, on the greatest mission on earth with the greatest message to ever be told.

So your strides should be with confidence and purpose.

But nothing enhances confidence like dressing.

God The Father Christian clothing line is replete with several kinds of Christian styles that can add beauty and glory to your dressing, helping you portray Christ in your heart when you walk, move and talk.

You are to dress for glory and for beauty you know!



If you have been held back in the past from sharing your faith just because you don’t want to create a scene or risk an opposition, now you can see that there are creative ways to sharing the gospel today without opposition.

You don’t have to fuss or fight just so you can pass the message of the Christ across to the world. 

You can do it through Christian clothing, you can do it by the way you act, the way you speak and the way you carry yourself.

But best of all, these ways can be enhanced by what you wear.

So get for yourself your choice of God the Father Apparel and go advertise Christ without a shout as it were.

Don’t forget that Jesus is depending on you to tell the world about Him.

He’s coming soon!  

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  • Cristina Terrell

    I love this information!! Its really helpful!! I have been telling people here in my home town about Jesus and our church. Plus we are building a new and bigger church. And its almost finished!! So we are wanting and praying for Revival!! But lm Thankful for this site!! It gave me some great tips!! We need more people telling everyone else about Jesus!! He is so Good!! This world needs him!! Thank you!! Have a good one!!😊

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