How your Christian clothing can spark a conversation

How your Christian clothing can spark a conversation

Teaching God’s word is among the gifts of the Holy Spirit. However, young Christians who aren’t filled by the power of the Holy Spirit may lack the courage to start a conversation about Jesus Christ with strangers. With many people being fashion conscious today, you can choose to use your Christian apparel today to spark a conversation.

Your clothing is a billboard. You use it to tell others about yourself. Clothes say who you associate with, who you are, and importantly what you believe.

Unknown by many Christians, Christian clothing can open a door to anyone around you to comment on the message you are displaying. For young fearful Christian, it will be easy to share your faith in God the father with strangers, if your Christian clothing makes the introductions.

 Here at God the Father we will analyze for you our expert findings on how your Christian clothing can spark a conversation about Jesus Christ for you.

Great designs that spark questions

A good design on your Christian clothing is a door opener for those around you to comment on the topic. Well-designed Christian apparel will grab the attention of a stranger, build curiosity, and spark a question leading to a conversation about Jesus. 

Wearing designs that give little message

If you want your Christian clothing to start a conversation for you, avoid designs that give people all the information. 

Always use designs that get non-believers to ask for more information. In most cases, you will find the Christian apparel with simple messages cause people to ask people for an explanation.

Simple messages on your Christian t-shirt will make strangers curious, making them ask questions. There and then you will have an opportunity to start your conversation.

When you use Christian Hoodies with verse numbers, you hear people shouting from your back the book and chapter. Likewise, you will find people asking you about an image on your Christian t-shirt. 

Having outstanding designs

In today’s world, everyone is fashion sensitive. You can’t use designs of the 16th century on your Christian clothing and expect them to provoke people to talk.

If you decide to use Christian apparel to provoke believers and non-believers to talk about Christ use design that use the best artistic skills. 

From our experience, anything new makes people to ask and you will have an opportunity to spread the good news of Christ.

 Dressing modestly

People will first see the outlook of what you are wearing before even seeing the person in that outfit. From the general outlook of the clothing, judgments and conclusions will arise. 

As a Christian, train yourself to wear for God’s kingdom. Choose Christian clothing whose material is covering your body well. In other words choose a material that is not revealing your nakedness.

However, choose Christian apparel whose material is classy and trending. A question on material will spark a conversation, allowing you to spread god’s word.

Always remember you cannot speak about God’s kingdom when you look of the word. Therefore, choose modesty Christian clothing as you walk around.

Be bold, get dressed and get out there

Your Christian clothing will not pass the message on if it remains in your wardrobe. You need to put it on and walk around boldly and cheerfully.

We all find it hard to start a conversation with a dull person. If people sense fear in you, they abstain from asking questions no matter how curious they are. Therefore, learn to put on a friendly face for people to find it easy to approach you.

When you are out walking and you notice people looking at you be calm, and smile at them. Be sure if their attention was on you, that smile and calmness will prompt them to talk and start a conversation. 

Then, you will have an opportunity to talk about God the father to them.


For you to have a fruitful conversation when people ask about your Christian clothing, you must; be bold, sensitive to the Spirit, humbly build a bridge on the conversation, arouse interest in the other person about Christ, reveal sin, and finally explain to them the plan of salvation.

If you want Christian clothing that does introductions leading to conversations about Christ for you, God the father apparel is the place for you. 

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