There’s A Solution to Being A Shy Christian

There’s A Solution to Being A Shy Christian

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 It’s not rare to meet a Christian who becomes terrified at the thought of sharing the Gospel. It’s a conversation that opens the floodgates to personal ethics, moral standards, and who’s right or who’s wrong about God and the “afterlife”. Those are topics that hit a nerve for almost anyone you talk to. Heck, even when you happen to be sharing Christ with another Christian (street witnessing, for example) they even don’t want to hear it. Sometimes they’ll say “no thanks, I’m good. I already believe in God. I’m already a Christian, God bless, love what you’re doing here.” They don’t even want to stay and fellowship.

All in all, no one wants to be told what to believe or how to live their lives, especially by a Christian. It’s incredibly daunting and difficult to find an opportunity to talk about Jesus with others when being shut down is a huge possibility. Growing up and going to church in Orange County-- home to the famous Jesus Revolution church, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and more recently famous, Harvest Christian Fellowship (Pastor Greg Laurie’s church)-- evangelism has been a preliminary topic within sermons and outreaches. I have learned so many ways to share the gospel, but that doesn’t make the task any less nerve wracking. One thing that hashelped me be a little more bold is simple, organic conversations that lead to talking about the Lord. Whether it’s sharing your testimony or helping a friend with a problem, there are ways to point the topic to Jesus and what he has done for us. Another thing I’ve learned is to avoid being pushy or putting a guilt-trip on someone. No one will listen to a person who is being forceful or manipulative. Simply introduce the gospel, lay it on the table, and leave it up to the recipient to accept it or not, and always be open to answering ANY questions they have down the line (and make sure you know your bible enough to give them accurate answers).

Another great way to tell people about Jesus is by using your outward appearance to spark the topic. I’m talkin’ tattoos, hats, stickers, sweaters, books, etc. I love reading Christian books in public. People are always looking for a good read and when they ask what I’m reading, I always give them a little book review with a whole lot of Jesus! Clothing, however, is usually much more eye-catching. I always see these shirts with clever quotes and phrases on them that either make me laugh or roll my eyes, but either way, I’m looking and I’m thinking about what I just read on someone’s t-shirt. That’s why wearing God The Father apparel is so important. It has the same affect. The style is simple but the message is big, and when people see the words “God The Father,” they’re going to wonder if it’s a band, a brand, or whatever else is possible. Or they’re going to think it’s a Christian clothing company and have even ​more​ questions, which is exactly what it’s intended to do. As I’ve harped on before, clothing is powerful. It’s one of the most influential facets on the planet. It speaks for culture, art, faith, and self-expression, and it can speak for the Gospel too. What God The Father does is give a voice to those who don’t think they have one. It’s for the Christians who need that little push to do what we, as Christians, are called to do: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark 16:15 AMP).


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