Our GTF Ambassador Program is a place in which we hope to spread God's name and message through high quality streetwear. We believe that your clothing can spark a christian conversation that can leave a positive impact on any individual. Sometimes it's hard to bring up God in conversation or initiate that convo. Our Goal is to create clothing that not only sparks a conversation, but also is clothing you want to wear!

Sound like something you’d want to be on board with? But wait – it doesn’t end there. Our ambassador program not only allows you to meet and connect with other ambassadors world-wide, but it also offers you countless opportunities for exposure across all of our social media networks. Earn discounted products, a lifelong discount code, 15% commission on every qualifying purchase, featured on our IG page and so so much more!

So come join our movement today. Let’s make it easier for Christians to spread God's name


Lauren Handy

Brand Ambassador

“I signed up to become an ambassador, got accepted same day and have enjoyed every second of it. I have been able to post about my faith while also wearing cool clothing and getting paid to do so!"

Brand Ambassador

“I finally found a way to express my faith to my followers simply by wearing a hoodie! The experience has been amazing and the quality of the clothing is outstanding”

Brand Ambassador

“This brand is amazing, they have an incredible mission! I get to show my followers how important my faith is to me in a subtle way and get to make some extra cash along the way"