COVID - 19


We'll keep this short and informative.

It's events in time like these that bring the world together. God always has a plan and I think it's important to use this time in particular to stay strong in your faith and show others how good God truly is!

We are staying safe and clean. Inventory and packaging is done in house and is kept in a clean and sanitized work area. We are not a big team which makes it easy for us to stay quarantined while ensuring the safety of your packages.

Packing supplies are disinfected daily to ensure you remain safe and without risk.

In person business meetings and team outings have been cancelled in hopes of doing our part to quarantine and participate in social distancing.

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Shipping times and dates have not changed and will remain the same as they normally are. If we get word from our shipping partners we will relay the information immediately.


Questions? Send me an email -